European Commission

Energy Efficiency Legislation

Energy Efficiency Directive
End-use Efficiency & Energy Services
Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Eco-design of Energy-Using Products
Energy Labelling of Domestic Appliances
Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration)

Product Safety Legislation

Gas Appliances Directive
Low Voltage Directive
Pressure Equipment Directive
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
Machinery Directive
Construction Products Directive
Liability for Defective Products Directive
General Product Safety Directive
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
Reduction of Hazardous Substances Directive


EHI European Heating Industries
Nora Oil Heating America

Orgalime (European Engineering Industries Association)

Sector Forum Gas Utilization
Sector Forum Gas Infrastructure

Documents & Downloads

Afecor statement on designed lifetime of safety relevant controls english german french italian

DIN Livelink afecor database entry
GAD-AC Guidance Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions on WEEE and RoHS